Our Investments


A digital application that would replace manual recording of bus driver destination information using GPS and custom inputs via mobile devices.

Nhuad Controller

A patented single-controller gaming device for use by gamers, handicapped and serial multi-taskers.


A device and app to extend the emotional bond between owners and their pets by allowing pet owners to remotely view and track their pets while away from home.


A digital-engraving software to personalize all mobile and computer devices with custom designs.

Providence Cellulose Fiber LLC

Utilizes a custom designed machine that produces high quality cellulose at affordable prices and uses recycled (no newsprint) materials that are non-toxic, fire retardant and animal repellent.


A patented remote-controlled robot to clean LEED-certified and Under Floor Distribution(UFAD)-compliant commercial buildings.


A new construction model for interior reinforced steel to secure commercial and residential windows with inter-changeable custom blind designs.

Savvy Girl

An online concept of delivering mobile business-coaching content to women of color via an app while using popup stores to support offline sales.

Vitae Industries

Builds custom medication desktop 3D machines which allow pharmacies to personalize medications in a more efficient manner as compounded tablets or gummy bears


An online platform that matches interpreters with people in need of virtual real-time translation services for medical, business and school interactions


Creation of a day care app that helps child caregivers geo-locate availability at local day care centers and reserve space online


Provides an online solution to return shoppers to brick and mortar stores. Using it’s online comparison store directory and geo-location capability, it will display real time inventory of available sneaker products and enable consumers to target shop.


A portable mobile which allows infants 0-2 months to improve their eye sight focus by interacting with black and white mobile objects. The mobile with sensors ultimately will change to color when swiped. Reduces the likelihood of ADD while improving concentration and focus.

EQ Hire

A tech platform using applicant voice recording assessment via an AI platform that allows for the inclusion of qualitative measures like emotional intelligence to be a part of job assessments.


A smart wireless product utilizing sensors that would be connected to a baby car seat and an automobile’s ignition system which would prevent drivers from leaving young children in a car. An audible alert would signal that someone was in the seat.

The Better Pop

Uses 3D printing and vacuum forming, along with a unique honeycomb design that combines natural fruits and kombucha to create a unique frozen dessert experience.


Is an online budget and debt management ‘envelope’ money management system. Cash flow, bill pay, credit card and loan modules integrated with alerts, calendar and translations features will engage and help manage household finances in a timely and efficient manner.



A renewable energy tech company that has created a technology that allows for the extension of the lifetime of geothermal wells while allowing well owners to continue to generate power and revenue using their existing well infrastructures.


Has built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform that allows music and creative producers to upload WAV, MP3 of the type of instrumental music they are looking for into their proprietary genome. The genome then re-configures the music and midi files and presents unique variations of the original file to be used in movies, ads, tv and videos.


Is an online digital health platform providing health education targeting 3.5mm high risk CDL (commercial drivers licenses) truck drivers so they can receive their certification (mandated by DOT).



Is a healthcare analytics platform that synthesizes healthcare data to identify risks, vuisualize trends and optimize care scenarios.