Who We Are

Our Focus

We believe that 21st century business challenges require ideas that solve real business problems with real world solutions. Práctico Innovation is a private company structured to discover creative and practical innovative ideas often hidden in plain sight communities of underrepresented entrepreneurs. Using our approach of linking science and technology to these ideas, allows for current business owners and entrepreneurs in these communities to achieve growth and profitability.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the fact that many for-profit global companies have successfully mined local residents within Latin America, Africa, Asia and parts of the United States for insights to create commercial products and services. Think about tires, liquid detergent, cell phone chargers and drinkable yogurts as small examples that can be traced to consumer behavior observations in under-represented global communities.

Our Results

  • In five years, we’ve reviewed over 200 business ideas from three communities of underrepresented entrepreneurs – Latinos, Blacks and Asians.
  • 75% of the business ideas are from Rhode Island residents born in the U.S.
  • 25% are foreign born from different countries including Nigeria, Peru, Cambodia, Cape Verde, the Gambia, Portugal and others.
  • 20 companies have received micro financial investments, strategic coaching, workshop training and network introductions. 40% are owned by women.
  • 55% utilize smart manufacturing to create physical products. (robots, compounding machines, smart windows, cleaning tools, 3D food forms) and 45% of the business ideas are applications using software, artificial intelligence and smart energy technology.
  • 25% of the companies have patented products.

If you can answer these four questions (seriously just 4) then we are interested in speaking with you:

  • What business value have you created?
  • How does science or technology help you deliver this value?
  • Who is the target audience that will use your product or service?
  • How will you make money?


Walter Callender

Founder and Chief Thinker

A seasoned technology, strategy and entrepreneurial executive. Early internet pioneer including launch of Plural professional services and Founder of C2 Strategy. Startup advisor to several tech product companies.

Kipp Bradford

Co-founder and Lead Builder

Founder and President of kippkittsLLC building ingenious products for the 21st century. Serial creator with discoveries in audio and cooling products. Research scientist experience at MIT Media Lab and Make magazine advisor to tech startups.

Don Stanford

Co-founder and Lead Scientist

Founding member and chief innovation officer of IGT (formerly GTECH). Patented gaming idea innovator with key contributions to lottery and card based platforms. Computer scientist, teacher and advisor to tech companies.

Key Partners

Carmen Diaz-Jusino

RI Foundation – Strategic Initiative Officer

A seasoned executive who focuses on small business development and economic security. Former Director of the Center for Womens Enterprise in Rhode Island.

Manuela Raposo

Founder& Director-RI Welcome Back Center

Largest immigrant services program benefiting professionals with science based skills. With a unique focus on health care, engineering and professionals with legal services backgrounds, RIWBC offers both specific training and employment assistance.

Channavy Chhay

Director-Center for Southeast Asians

Orchestrates learning services for community of 36,000 South East Asians. With a broad range of expertise in tax prep,housing,food and business activities, CSEA is the community focal point for all information.